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Youtube Friday

I will use this account for more than Youtube Friday one day I promise yoooou. But anyway yesh this is a video I found yesterday! It has some mistakes in it here and there and it's not flashy or high quality or anything but.... well it really pulled at my heartstrings.

And it reminded me of all the awesome friends I've made on LJ over the past few years and just my friends in general. And how I no longer have that terrible sinking loneliness feeling I used to have way back when. Haven't for a long time now.



I freaking swear! I get to livejournal and now everyone on the internet is a women instead of a man, women like ninja turtles, guys are liking ponies. WUT IS GOING ON WITH THE WORLD IS THIS ARMAGEDDON!?

DC Comics Reboot

So I know a lot of peepz on my friendslist are DC fans and well. Did any of you hear about the reboot? That's right, DC is doing a complete reboot of the entire franchise so basically everything that happened over the past 70 years or so was for nothing. I feel sorry for people who play from the comics already but...

Am I the only one tempted to go out and start playing a DC comic book character because of this? >.>


Don't read this KJ! D=


Wow, so uh this morning I walked into the kitchen and seen a freaking spider in the sink. I mean a big freaking spider. The small ones I don't care about but this guy was like three or four inches long all around when you include it's legs. It literallly was NOT in the sink like five minutes before when I was in there. >.>

So I looked around for things to kill it with. No bug spray, no broom. But. There WAS a gallon jug full of soapy water on the counter. My parents must have left it there in the event that I was faced with such a deadly foe. I started throwing piles and piles of water at it, thinking it would go down easily. No luck, it starting trying to run up the sides. If it somehow got out I wouldn't have anything to kill it with and he'd be scot free to run through a crack or something. I HAD TO END THIS HERE!

So everytime it tried to run up the sides I would throw water on it causing it to fall back in the middle again. I then turned on the water and slowly the sink began to fill with water. Soon he had to resort in going into a fetal position. He spun around in the water drowning, but he was too big to fit down the drain. He was lucky. If this had been in the evening time where the Florida sun was at it's brightest the hot water I was running alone would've been enough to cook him alive.

But, not one to let any creature suffer through a slow death such as drowning I turned the water off. He laid at the bottom of the sink twitching slightly. Alive but just barely after the assault. I got a napkin, positioned it between my fingers and then slammed the tissue down on it using my COBRA STYLE: Instant Strike of Death technique. However, knowing a mere instant strike of death attack was not enough to kill my opponent I curled my fingers into a fist.

"May God... have mercy on you in the Afterlife. Falcon... PUNCH!"

And with that, the spider was no more. I picked it up with the tissue and flushed it down the toilet because I was NOT throwing it in the garbage can so after I went along about my day the camera would zoom in on it and it opens it's eyes again for round two. All eight of 'em. Or nine. Or however many they have.

Possiblai coola than Piink Panther!

Sooo just got through watching Black Panther the animated series sometime last night and wow just wow. I never thought this series would be ANY good, and it actually completely blew me away. This was one of the best animated superhero cartoons I ever had the pleasure of watching, it was very well done. Especially the climax point. Yeeeah, the ending felt a bit rushed, but still. This series actually made me a big fan of the character.

And that... is odd because I never cared much at all about the Black Panther. I mean I thought he was just your typical superhero cat guy nothing special. I didn't even think he deserved to be in Avengers:Earth's Mightiest Heroes. But then I started doing some research on him (wikipedia) and it turns out, he was actually the first real black superhero. And then you're just like whaaa because everyone always orgasms over Spawn, or Blade, or even Hancock. But Black Panther really doesn't get the recognition he deserves. Most just plain ol' average people don't even know about him. So after realizing that I was like "Okay, maybe this guy deserves more credit than what I'm giving him". And then I started liking him more in EMH.

Just randomly last night I remembered Zane telling me about the Black Panther animated series that was on BET. Now, I obviously thought it would suck, but I decided I'd give it a shot, and it was VERY entertaining. I might even watch it again later on today honestly.


Edit: Okay wow this entry was really spur of the moment ffff. Okay once I look back there are various mistakes that wouldn't exactly qualify this as the BEST animated film I've seen. But it was still entertaining.

One problem is the stop motion. I LOVE stop motion comics, but a lot of people might not and the animation can look pretty stiff. Second is that the accents are a good bit off and the voice acting isn't super excellent in some areas Third is yes there are certain racist things in the movie as well as was in the original comics it's based off of.

So if you can look past THAT it's a pretty good entertaining and enjoyable show. It really just depends on where you draw your limit. I happen to be one who watches Boondocks as well as not give much crap about animation. So my upper limit is pretty high and I can tolerate a lot of things. But yeah, regardless STILL CHECK IT OUT

If only you were even strongeeeer

to save f-lists everywherehCollapse )

Phew. Thought that first image was the size of a youtube video. Yeeeeah, no. And then cell phone was a douche and took away internets RIGHT when I was about to edit arrrrgh!

But Hulk you have GOT to stop letting your female alien love interest die. It's just. It's not healthy at this point.

So yeah I did NOT know you could upload images to photobucket from your cell phone. That site has become so beast now. I remember like 7 years ago when it was just a little hole in the wall site you uploaded one picture at a time to. No albums or nothing. Man time changes things like whoa.

New Naruto Chapter

Wow, Kishi. Wow. I'm gonna BREAK YOUR LYMPH NODES!

Okay, so this is possibly one of the worst chapters I've read in a while. And since most of it was a flashback it makes me wonder if there WAS any good days of Naruto besides the Chuunin and Sasuke rescue arcs. Because a decent portion of the characters just annoyed me. Namely every female character except Hinata. Sasuke. Naruto and Iruka was just... argh couldn't really stand 'em. At all. Also just... get rid of all the females in the flashbacks Kishi. At the exception of Hinata. They're all just Sasuke fangirls anyway.

Okay so second problem I had. Shino was great in this chapter. He was actually funny and it made me more confident in my voice for him because I wasn't sure if he was capable of being funny. The problem is that he didn't do the Why thing iun the middle of his sentences until AFTER the timeskip. Or maybe he did? I just don't remember him doing that until after timeskip, and if that's true Kishi has actually forgotten how to write him outside of timeskip. WAY 2 GO KISHI. And why was he wearing a hoody back then too? What did he suddenly decide "Man know what. I should start dressing and talking like I did as a kid. That'll prove I've grown up." Aaaargh!

Now we get to the real crapola of this chapter. The Nine-Tails actually throws legit logic and reasoning in Narutos face and what does he do? What he always does. He ignores it and says "I WON'T SECOND GUESS MYSELF! I'll do... something about this huge war and my friend being a douchebag."

He just... he really can't justify his actions at all at this point can he? This is why no one follows him. Because he's too much of a retard to ever be even a squad leader let alone hokage. I'm actually starting to think Luffy has passed him in intelligence by now. I love how at the end they were trying to make it as if the Nine-Tails was tricking Naruto. All he wanted was an explanation. Like the other Konoha 11 wanted about Sasuke. But he can't give one. He just does what he wants because... well because.

Internet-less: Day 3

So going into the third day without internet... FU-- THIS SUX DONKEY GENITALIA. And I'm reminded yet again that without internet the 360 is a paperweight. Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 is like "WUT NO INTERNET!? HOW DOES READ AND SAVE FILEZ". But luckily Hulk: Ultimate Destruction has helped me out. And I can concentrate better on my writing now.

Also, I've noticed my top three fav RP characters right now are my top three forms of visual entertainment:

Luffy - Anime/Manga

(Baby)/Mario - Video Games

Hulk - Comics/Cartoons.

I know I know why no Deadpool. Well the problem with him is that usually when I'm RPing with someone from his universe, it seems like he's treated more as a joke than anything else. Which is canon in a way but doesn't make me feel part of the universe as much as playing the Hulk does. Kinda the same problem I had with Bang except it wasn't the character interaction, it was just canon always screwing him over repeatedly.

Whelp, guess that wraps up this entry. There's a chance I'll get internet tomorrow so here's hoping! o/

Youtube Saturday

TThis has to be the best clip ever. Combined with the best theme ever. To make the best anything to ever exist....ever-
Wow. So I just apped Hulk, Mega apped Goku, and we already have a Superman… so basically three of the most bull crap overpowered guys of all time in one place.

These three just… they have to fight. There’s no way around it. And I already know what’s gonna happen: Goku fires a Kamehameha, which they dodge, it goes into the center of the planet’s core and threatens to blow up the entire planet. Then Goku’s like “OSHI—“ So Hulk steps in like “I got it.” Dives into the Luceti planet’s core, gets SO ANGRY that he literally pulls the continents of the breaking apart planet together in order to save it. And THEN while all this is going on Superman is like “I need to get strongeeer!” so he goes into outer space, SLAMS two moons together so hard that they make another sun. So then he’s like “DOUBLE SUN POWAAAAAAH

All of this are their canon abilities btw…

And in other news… I’m really feeling iffy on bringing Luffy back for some reason. I’ve just been feeling like I really don’t want to play him right now. Not like I’m gonna drop, but yeah. Maybe because I’ve been getting into Avengers and Wakfu so much lately that One Piece is kinda getting pushed off to the side for while. Like I said in chat, he’ll be back sometime this week. Just take note that “Sometime this week” can literally mean Saturday, the last day of the week.

SHINO however will likely be returning tomorrow. I guess because he’s so low maintenance that it doesn’t really feel like there’s too much pressure when I play him. So even if I don’t feel like it, I can whip up a post with him right quick.

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